Bible Doctrine

Foundations in Genesis

This is a ten lesson study guide that flows out of the book of Genesis. It shows how truths humans need in order to have a relationship with God are laid down in the beginning, in Genesis. It expands these truths with study into other passages as well. Firmly established in the study is the concept that God does not change. His foundations are firm and sure. We can know how He expects us to live in the life in order to prepare for eternity.

He is Risen

In 1980, a construction crew accidently uncovered an ancient tomb as they excavated a site in a neighborhood south of old Jerusalem. Entombed were 10 ossuaries containing bones. On one of the ossuaries, an inscription read, “Jesus the son of Joseph.” Inscriptions on the other ossuaries revealed two Marys, a Joseph, a Matthew, and a Jude the son of Jesus. The one Mary’s name was rendered in Greek as Marianene which some believe could be Mary Magdalene.

Two Cardinal Doctrines

Two cardinal doctrines are taught in 1Corinthians 11. In writing this chapter, apparently the Apostle saw a need for some correction for the home and the church. And these first and greatest of all organizations, the home and the church, need direction yet today. We as God’s people are given to weakness and failure.

I remember a minister in Honduras told me they are never done fixing tires. He said it is the same way in the church. We keep fixing things as they come up.

Mixed up Christianity

As a young boy, I can remember the day my father declared I was old enough to cut the grass with the riding lawn mower. I could hardly wait for the grass to grow tall enough to cut. When the day arrived, I filled the tank on the mower from the can labeled “gasoline” and positioned myself be- hind the wheel. Turning the key, the engine caught and ran smoothly. I had just reached the edge of the yard when a huge cloud of white smoke exited the exhaust and the engine promptly quit. efforts to start the engine produced impressive amounts of white smoke, but nothing more.

Uncle Freddie

The following is correspondence by a brother from the Pensacola, FL congregation to his uncle who believes in unconditional eternal security. It depicts the deceptive consequences of unsound doctrine afloat in today’s religious world.

From Uncle Freddy to his nephew:

Pursuing a Pilgrimage

Five pillars of reformation era theology influenced our forefathers. 1) sola scriptura (Scripture alone), 2) sola fide (faith alone), 3) sola gratia (grace alone), 4) solus Christus (Christ alone), and 5) sola Deo Gloria (glory to God alone).


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