Christian Service

The Blessings of Participating in Congregational Outreach

Blessings are seen through spiritual eyes. A Christian’s perspective is totally different from an unbeliever’s. What a Christian views as a blessing, the unbeliever may view as a curse. In order to see the blessing of outreach, we must see it from the proper perspective. To help us understand this, we will consider the response of an unbeliever versus that of a Christian if he were called to visit a dying man who does not know Christ.

A Scriptural View of the Role of the Deacon

Only two passages in the KJV Bible (Php 1:1; 1Tim 3:8-13) contain the word deacon or deacons. However, the Greek word so translated, diakonos, occurs more than thirty times, and is also translated minister and servant. It can mean “an attendant, a servant” or “a waiter (at table or in other menial duties).” Sometimes, as in the above passages, it means “a male Christian serving in a specific function and post (i.e. tending the widows and the poor, teaching, pastoring, etc).”

The Mentality to Maintain Brotherhood Assistance

As Jacob traveled to Egypt with his family, he had no idea what would be the mind set of his posterity when they would travel that same path back towards Canaan. Other instances from the Bible could be cited as similar examples of men that made a choice, only to have their posterity depart widely from the intended path chosen by the previous generation. In recent history, we have seen changes in society that on the surface appeared good, but have produced an outcome that few anticipated.

Blessed is the Mighty King

I just returned from my first trip to visit the Honduras mission. It was a short but sweet journey of five days. I had been to El Progresso and Barracoa in 1999 to help build houses after Hurricane Mitch, but never to Siguatepeque or El Naranjo.

In many ways, I found the country to be much the same as before. In El Progresso, I even spotted the street of CAM's compound. I saw the rooftop on which we used to walk on in the early morning sun at the beginning of the day.

Who Then is Willing

Every day, millions of well-fed individuals sit down to enjoy another hearty meal. How many of them consider the retailer, distributor, packer, processor, or shipper back through the food chain links that connect the plate to the farmer's field? Beyond the farmer do they consider the One who gave the increase?

The Office and the Man

God has designed many places of responsibility, then He placed men in those roles. As men, we can have a distorted view of the office and the man in the office. Which should receive the greater respect? Which brings the honor to the other? Does it make a difference how we answer these questions?

There are numerous reasons why the office is of greater importance than the man serving in the office. While we tend to consider ministerial callings, many of the principles in focus would apply to fathers in the home and men in other areas of responsibility.


"That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God;" (Col 1:10).

We all enjoy some fruit in our diets and what it does for us in the way of nutrition. God also enjoys and receives honor and glory from His children who produce abundant spiritual fruit of good quality.

What is our Vision?

Anabaptists in the Reformation were often called "the radicals." They took an active stand to call the church back to the Bible. They went forth witnessing and preaching to everyone they could. When called into question about their faith, they valiantly shared the Word knowing it probably would mean torture and death. They were hated, persecuted, and killed for this active faith in God. Many would not back off or compromise their faith because of personal danger. They were men of "conquest" for the kingdom even though sometimes it may have looked like defeat.


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