Christian Service

Sick Children

Tonight, I am missing the evening service. There are sick children at our house. My wife could have stayed home with them and I could have gone; but she stayed home this morning while I went to church.
Sick children are not fun. The flu bugs make their presence known in different ways and none of them really enjoyable. The care given to sick children is usually far less pleasant than the care given to "well" children. Sick children do fewer cute and endearing things. In fact, most times they don't do any at all. Sick children cry more and laugh less.

Missionary Journeys of the Apostle Paul

These lessons trace the journeys of Paul as he took the Gospel into the regions beyond. He related first to the Jew but then also to pagan Gentiles. It is amazing how much our understanding of how Christianity is to be lived out in everyday life is enhanced by watching Paul relate to the challenges he faced. Be prepared to dig deeply into God's Word. These lessons were prepared for youth in a Bible School setting and are intensive in nature.

Ezra and Nehemiah

Ezra and Nehemiah inherited troublesome times, but led a people broken in spirit and wayward in heart to a place of blessing under the God of Israel. These lessons bring out leadership qualities that will help every generation face the challenges of their day.

Christian Virtues

What is a virtue? This study will take you through important virtues that every child of God should express. These include devotional life, love, compassion, contentment, stewardship, humility, Christian speech, purity, honesty, faith, trust, obedience, personal evangelism and Christian service.


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