Prophecy and End Times

A Study in the Book of Revelation

This study approaches the book of Revelation from a literal viewpoint. The Church age is studied in chapters 2-3. The Day of the Lord is studied from chapters 4-19. Chapter 20 portrays the Millennial Reign of Christ. Eternity and the Celestial City are described in the remainder of the book. This study challenges us to be prepared for the Lord's Return.

Bible and the Latter Days, The

These ten lessons include both Old Testament and New Testament scriptures concerning God’s revelation to us on end time conditions and events. Lessons deal with general prophecies of the latter days, Jesus’ second coming, The Tribulation, the Armageddon and the revival of Israel, the revelation of Jesus, the judgements, life in the millennial age, and the glories of the new heaven and new earth. This 66-page study is well worth its time.


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