But Noah

Homer Boll

Character Study

In the Scripture, we have some of the most remarkable events of all history. The things we want to notice are happenings of Noah’s day before the time of universal deluge. There are some things the Lord speaks of in the society of Noah’s day that should help us to take warning for the days in which we are living. The Lord said, “as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matt 24:37).

Noah’s Heritage
In Genesis 5, Methuselah is recorded as the oldest man who lived on the earth. The significance of his name carries with it “death” or “there is a dart”. The combination of facts that his name implies judgment, and that God allowed him to live longer than any other man, would teach us much about God’s longsuffering. The message of his name was a warning to a careless world for many years. Being 187 years old, he had a son, Lamech, and had more sons and daughters after him. Methuselah’s death could have been the year of the flood.

Genesis 5:28 tells us Lamech lived 182 years and had a son and called him Noah, which means “rest.” Lamech said of Noah, “this same shall comfort us concerning our works and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the Lord hath cursed.” (Gen 5:29). The concern of his parents was that this child would some day be a special blessing to his generation.

Noah’s Day
In Genesis 6, we have a brief account of Noah’s day, and the picture clearly shows why the Lord’s disfavor was on the people. We notice in verse one, men began to multiply on the earth. Their population increase was a cause of worldwide sin. When the Lord blessed Adam and Eve, he instructed them to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth. The very thing God intended to be a blessing became a curse because of their improper marriages. Disregarding God’s law, the sons of God sought out wives according to the lust of their eyes and became unequally yoked to women who were profane, disobedient, and strangers to God. From these unholy marriages issued forth evil generations. When unlawful marriages increase, then evil is increased. Some of the children were great in stature. Also, some became mighty men, famous, and men of renown. History reveals to us that when great men are wicked, then wickedness is great indeed.

The sons of Seth, religious professors of the godly line, should have known God’s laws. When God’s people can no longer hold to and promote His purpose, then who will?

God said that all flesh had corrupted His way upon the earth and the whole earth was filled with violence. Man’s wickedness was so great that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. That means the corruption and violence was in such a rampage that a pure heart was not to be found.

Matthew 24:38 says, “they were eating and drinking, marrying and were given in marriage...” We can imagine that with these indulgences mixed with hearts that were evil continually, the worst took place. The thing that caused this wickedness to become worse was the fact that the God of judgment said, “My spirit shall not always strive with man” (Gen 6:3). We conclude that their consciences were now seared. When the conscience is no longer active, there will be no fear of God. Instead of godly people, they became beasts and devils to each other—a wilderness of violence. To look upon this condition where all flesh was corrupted upon the earth caused the Lord to repent that He had made man, and it grieved Him at His heart.

But Noah
Set apart from this world of corruption, God found a man. The word “but” would imply Noah was not like the rest of the world. As the Lord strictly examined the hearts of all people, this man found grace in His eyes and was marked with special honor. There can be no question as to why he was marked. The Scripture says he was a perfect man, a preacher of righteousness, perfect in his generation, and walking with God.

Noahs for Today
A traveling salesman told me about one of his dealers in another county. He said, “That man is as honest as the day is long”. Being impressed with that statement, I had to think, how long or what part of the day does the Lord expect us to be honest? As Christians, we need to be honest at all times. We can observe men of God such as Noah, even in the deteriorating society of today.

We thank the Lord today for godly men, like faithful Noah, who set forth godly homes. As God said, so they do, and they have families that are a blessing to the nation. They are blessed of God because whether they eat or drink, they do it all to the glory of God.

Noah was a preacher. Today, we have a multitude of preachers. But God said Noah was a preacher of righteousness. Where are these preachers today? Are they always the great, well trained, well excepted, and wealthy preachers? No, not usually. Noah was alone and not accepted in his day, but God said he was a preacher of righteousness. Today, we need more preachers who live and preach the truth, even when the masses will not hear or appreciate their message. We thank the Lord for the few preachers today who hold to the truth, even when many around them have bent their knees to the modern theology that is so well accepted and yet so unsafe.

The work of faith in the life of Noah and his family was what God required to save them. “By faith Noah moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house” (Heb 11:7). even today, there are men like Noah who, when others fail, have faith enough to carry out the laws of God and teach others also. If Noah could be saved in his day, take courage my brother, we too can be saved by faith.

~Lebanon, PA
September 2011

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