Poem - He Never Forgets


"He Never Forgets"

Nay, nay, do not tell me that God does not hear me, I know He is high over all,
But I know just as well that He ever is near me, He surely will answer my call.

He shows not His face for its glory would blind me, Yet I walk on my way unafraid,
Though lost in the desert He surely would find me His angels would come to my aid.

He maketh the stars and they shine in their places, He maketh the sun like a flame,
But dearer and brighter to Him are the faces, Of mortals who call on His name.

He sits on His throne in that beautiful city, And I, I am ashes and dust,
But I am content in His wonderful pity, And I in His promises trust.

Nay, nay do not tell me that lost in His glory, He hears not my face when I cry,
He made me. He loves me. He knows all my story, I shall look on His face by and by!

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